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   My music home is more than 17 years old now. This section was begun only on Wilhelm Backhaus, but now on 33 artists and ensemble(English; 13 artists), and miscellous columns. I'll update this home perhaps the end of my life(^^). Because my hobby is not only classical music but also science (both hobby and my profession), I cannot use all of the spare times for this home. Dear classical music fans, encourage me in this page though it is somewhat (or very -.-) slowly updated.

   * Blog(Web Log) ; It's Korean, but can gives considerably much space and I will use it for many mages. Enjoy them!

   On 13th Mar. 2016, my home became a part of I should apprecieate very much to the owner of the famous site here.

    My Interest in Music - as a part of life

   Music has been inexhaustible source of my joy since 1979. My concern on music was piano at first, flute next, and recorded music - and developed to the music itself. I didn't choose music as my major, but think it is wiser in order to enjoy music. During over 20 years, music has been one of my best friends.
   This page is dedicated
"An die Musik" ^^.

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1) Artists ;
Contents are life, discography, and record jacket images of the artists.
(1) Pianists

(2) Organist & Cembalist

  • LEONHARDT, Gustav(1926~ )
  • RICHTER, Karl(1926~1981)
  • WALCHA, Helmut(1907~1991)

(3) Violinist

(4) Cellists

(5) Other Instruments

  • RAMPAL, Jean-Pierre(1922~2000)

(6) Vocalists

(7) Conductors

(8) Ensembles

2) On Music itself (1) Busoni's Transcription of Bach's Works

(2) Beethoven ; 33 Variations on a theme by Diabelli, op.120(Korean)

(3) Brahms' Chamber Works

(4) Masterworks that I want to recommend for Beginners(Korean)

(5) The modern(atonal) music I think of(Korean)

(6) Temperament(Korean) ; Pytagorean, Mean-tones, 12 equal temperament

3) On Records (1) Records itself(Korean) ; Brief history, Producers, Transferring, etc.

(2) Records with Error
   - Musical aspect ; mp3 files of the erratic part are supplied
   - Liner notes
   - Hall of Shame ; About some Europian labels
   - Korean licenses(Korean)

   Like other goods, certain records have defects. This page is planned so that record customers can avoid them.

(3) Thought on Pianists ; A reluctant decision(Korean)

(4) Reviews(Korean) ; Shamefully, I write some reviews in Classical Music, Auditorium,
   and Audio & Records from 1995 to 1999. I upload them here.

(5) Miscellanies(Korean) ; Less serious articles than reviews, like short introduction
   about my records, etc.

   * 10 surprising records of mine
30 favorite records of mine
Informations about Toshiba-EMI's 'The Art of ~ ' series ; Japanese Toshiba-EMI
      is famous for its vast catalogue of the historical recordings, especially in virtuosos'
      anthologies series named 'The Art of ~ '. This includes Cortot, Gieseking, de Vito,
      F.Kreisler, Adolf Busch, Szymon Goldberg, Martzy, J.Thibaud, Szigeti, D.Brain,
      Bruno Walter, Casals, Capet String Quartet, Milstein, Marcel Moyse, Benedetti-
      Michelangeli, G.Neveu, Lipatti, Maria Callas, Schweitzer, Hotter, Mengelberg, and

(6) The discography links of the famous artists ; Collection of the discography
   pages by me and others. Please send me other infos if any.

(7) Talks about LPs ; Unavoidably linked if you are fond of the artists in the analog
      era. I own LPs a bit, ...

    * LP to CD - My method(Korean) ; practical know-hows
LP - equalization cuves(Korean) ; RIAA curve is the central interest..
Decca SXL 2*** serial LPs ; Decca LPs are famous as exemplary audiophile.
      Its multi-microphone technique, contrary to that of Mercury's one-point
      microphone techniique, also represents the high-quality sound of 1960s.
DGG 5/6-digits serial LPs ; I like DGG(Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft)
      LPs. From the advent of LP(~1951) to the early stereo era(~1970), its LPs were
      issued by 16/17(10 inch), 18/19(12 inch) at monaural era and by 133(10 inch) and
      136/138/139(12 inch) plus 3-digits serials mainly. My page gives the record
      numbers, jackets, and recording data.
    * EMI LPs
Columbia(UK) SAX serials ; British Columbia was a division of EMI. It is
        famous for its good sound and LP quality, a typical audiophile. And the perf-
        ormer level is surly representative of the era.
Erato STE 50*** serial LPs ; French company Erato is special. Its early issues.

4) Musical Miscellanies    My notes, essays, and miscellanies on classical music.

(1) What's the good performances?(Korean)
Rules in buying CDs(Korean)
My voyage in classical music and records(Korean)
A man playing piano(Korean)
Let's understand professional players(Korean)
The crisis of classical music(Korean)
The problem of the internet music file(Korean) ; copyright or copyleft

5) My Playing    My personal archive of playing piano as dilettante in Classical Music Forum in HiTEL and RACE.
My playing archive (2) Photo Gallery

    Recommended pages for further readings

    Commercial sites

  • Di-Arezzo ; online bookstore on classical music, and links therein

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