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Famous Artists' Discographies on Net

I mainly collected this URLs from the links of the personal sites, Yahoo! US, and Google. Any comments, asking linkage of new discography, and recommendations will be welcomed. Your contribution will be mentioned and used in this page, of course. Please mail me if you find the dead links in lists below.

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(7) Wind solists

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(8) Conductors

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(10) Orchestras

(11) Records Companies

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Specially recommended pages

  1. My 'DGG 5/6-digit serial LPs' page ; Deutsche Grammophon's early releases - recording data, jacket images
  2. Decca 'LXT full catalog'(Japanese) ; Decca label's mono release gallery, but legible in English
  3. Decca SXL series(German) ; Decca stereo era, especially 6*** pages are excellent.
  4. My 'Decca SXL 2*** catalogue' page ; Decca's early stereo issues - recording data, jacket images
  5. My 'Columbia(UK) SAX serial LPs' page ; A division of EMI, Columbia(UK), issued famous audiophiles, SAX serial during the early stereo era.
  6. My 'Erato STE serial LPs' page ; Extended to monaural(LDE serials) and 10 inch. Early Erato issues
  7. ; 'Wiki' style discoencyclopedia
  8. Shaded dog ; Of course dedicated to the RCA's early stereo era
  9. Sound Fountain ; Rudolf A. Bruil's webpage. Very informative.
  10. Complete Stereophonic discography of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
  11. Frank Forman's page ; Though design is not very good, the informations are surely excellent. The best one is Acoustic Chamber music recordings.
  12. DISCOGRAPHIE - Sommaire ; Very useful page. French, but not difficult to read.
  13. The Durbeck archive ; vast databanks about opera LPs. It deserves to be 'world 1st private archive for opera'.
  14. Mr. John Edward's 'Deutsche Grammophon Appreciation' ; monumental archive about DGG LPs
  15. Mr. Henry Fogel's record collections
  16. KATO Yukihiro's home ; good infos about the releases only in Japan
  17. Mr. R.Masuda's Hayes Middlesex England(Japanese)
  18. Orchestre de la Société des Concerts du Conservatoire, Paris
  19. Andrea's cantabile-subito ; speciallized to the singers in 1930~50s. I cannot but select the links.
  20. Muramatsu Flute Company ; List of the flute records ordered by composer & by performer. Use new window option when opening the links.
  21. SATOSHI Kon'no's page ; Unknown great conductor's page
  22. K.Umezawa's page ; discography links. Visible without Japanese fonts, but now dead.
  23. The world violinists ; collection of links

Personal Contributions

  1. Mr. Marcelo Hidalgo ; Charles Munch discography
  2. Mr. John Jarvis ; He let me know John Williams and John Ogdon discography
  3. Mr. Pierre Lebourg ; pdf format of H. Scherchen discography
  4. Mr. Henk Nieuwenhuijsen ; Arrau House
  5. Mr. Gustavo Quandt ; V.Horowitz website
  6. Mr. Rolf den Otter ; He notified me about Webarchive wayback machine and revived many 'dead' links.
  7. Mr. Ed Reichenbach ; Continuous interest and comments about dead links
  8. Mr. David Royko ; about Chicago Symphony Orchestra page
  9. Mr. Leo Schmetterer ; URL of Maria Yudina, Prokofiev, & Leon Fleisher discography
  10. Mr. Kia ; URL of Toscanini site(2nd) and references therein, Cziffra, Elisabeth Schumann discography.
  11. Mr. Sergo Volkov ; Alban Berg SQ's URL correction

(c) 2002~ , Youngrok LEE ; Link free, but please get my approval before you reuse, copy, or quote this materials.

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