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George Szell's Photo Gallery

   5 Wind section of the Cleveland Orch.(ca. 1961)    5 Conducting
   5 with Myron Bloom, principal horn of the C.O.    5 in a concert with Pierre Fournier
   5 In a recording session
   5 Conducting(Sony Classical archive)    5 Conducting

G His last concert tour in 1970 ; Japan(5/15~26), Korea, and Alaska

   5 20th May ; Tokyo, after arriving at Hotel. Conversation with Pierre Boulez(back)
   5 22nd May ; Ueno Bunka-Kaikan(Culture Hall), Tokyo, after concert
   5 Concert in Korea, May 1970(courtesy by Ms. SUGITA Noriko)

Photos from ;

  1. Sony Classical CDs ; MHK 63123 / MHK 63124, CCK-7306(Korean), CC2K-8058(Korean)
  2. Two photos can be seen at my Robert Casadesus and Pierre Fournier galleries
  3. Warren Perry's collection ; photo by Editta Sherman

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Music Home Curriculum Vitae Discography Jacket Images

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