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6. Liner Notes, data, etc.

1) Berg ; Opera 'Wozzeck' & 'Lulu'

- Karl Böhm/Chor und Orchester der Deutschen Oper Berlin
- Recording ; Mar. & Apr. 1965(Wozzeck), Feb. 1968(Lulu), Berlin
- DG 435 705-2
Contribution ; The Classical Music, No.2(Sep. 1996)

   This item is saled as Mid-Price, only 3 CD set(version of Lulu is incomplete because recorded before Cerha's version came to light. The first recording using Cerha's is '78 DG by Boulez) in spite that other CDs of Wozzeck and Lulu are 4 CDs. Economically good and highly evaluated in general. Above all, Fischer-Dieskau's Wozzeck and Dr.Schon role is excellent.
   This CD must be criticized due to liner note. Looking at LP version of Wozzeck(DG 138 991/2), its liner note includes precise article on Georg Büchner(original author of the stage play "Woyzeck") and Alban Berg by Gustav Rudolf Sellner(Stage producer of Berlin Deutsch Opera) and on consideration of recording by Otto Gerdes(Recording producer). Synopsis and structure of this work with characters is set as table in order to understand easily.
   Then, how about the note of CD? George Perle(Wozzeck) and Willi Reich(Lulu) wrote the notes, which are not as good as that of LP and
only by French and Italian. And.. text is only German and English. (??!!)
   [Though I omit my inferences] More inspection will show you that George Perle's original note is English. I can't understand why DG included only French translation in notes. It is obvious that most of CD buyers maybe prefer English to French. Liner note and text of Karl Richter's Matthäus-Passion(Archiv 439 338-2; famous '58 recording) include German, French and English all, and
its grade is Budget Price. Even budget grade can have 3 language-note, so I want DG to compensate these things.

2) Franck ; Prélude, Choral et fugue(+Beethoven, Brahms)

- Evgeny Kissin(p)
- Recording ; Aug. 1997, Freiburg
- BMG-RCA 09026-68910-2
Contribution ; The first at this page(Jan. 2000)

Note of this CD by Carlo Caballero was a bit strange to me.
In this CD Real fact
The first movement(of the Moonlight Sonata), in contrast, has nothing to do with sonata form. This mvt. is in sonata form(Beethoven's Piano Sonata by MOROI Makoto, Korean Pub. Eumak Choonchoo, translated by JEGAL Sahm).
After a youthful carrer as a virtuoso pianist, Cesar Franck composed little for his own instrument until he was sixty-two. Had Franck been a virtuoso pianist? I can't confirm it or not, so want someone to.(A visitor's mail guaranteed he had been. See next)

< A Visitor's Mail to me >

   Cesar Franck was a big pianist when he was young. He was a 'wunderkind' of piano playing and gave a lot of recital. Franz Liszt was a great fan of the young Franck. He composed also, during the first period of his carrier Trios for piano, violon et violoncelle and a concerto for piano and orchestre in the great manière of the virtuosos! [ Thanks to M. Alain Lompech, Music Critic of Le Monde, Paris ]

3) Wagner ; Opera "Lohengrin"

- Rafael Kubelik/Chor and Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks
- Recording ; Apr. 1971, München
- DG 449 591-2
Contribution ; Classical Music Forum in HiTEL, Message board No.8, #1205(In Korean, 1st Sep. 1997)

   This item has long been famous as the classical recording of this opera due to its good casting and Kubelik's beautiful conducting, but not released as CD till 1997. So, it was good news for Wagnerians.
   Text has problem that
145~168 pp. are repeated twice, which is missbinding. Opera is nearly incomprehensible to foreigners if text is not included, so DG must recall or change text with error.
   I inspected it in Korea, so confirmed
all do not have this error. I want the buyers of this item to watch 145~168pp of the text.

ps. I have never heard Polygram Korea do any recall of this CD.

4) Sviatoslav Richter ; Recital

- Recording ; 1961~64
- DG 447 355-2
Contribution ; The Classical Music, No.1(June 1996)

   I like Double series by DG France, which includes many unissued items not released by DG international. But this item of Richter's has many errors in liner note by Jacques Lory. See next ;

In this CD(wrong data) Real fact

CD 1 ; Chopin - Etude en ut majeur op.10 no.7, Allegro

Etude op.10, no.1

[Richter devient] chef assistant à l'Opera d'Odessa.(Translation; Richter became assistant conductor at the Odessa Opera)

Richter firmly denied that he had been the conductor of Odessa Opera.

Un jour de 1935, un jeune inconnu(Richter) démande à etre reçu par le célèbre pianiste Heinrich Neuhaus... (Translation; One day in 1935 a young stranger asked to see the celebrated pianist Heinrich Neuhaus...)

I have never seen except data that the meeting be in 1937.

   See a interview in 1975 by Richter. He firmly denied the rumor that he (or his dream) had been a conductor.

   In 1933, I am supposed to have been first assistant conductor at the Odessa Opera. This is a fairytale. I was a Korrepetitor, nothing more. Who on earth would ever entrust an opera to so young a conductor? I have conducted only once in my life. The work was Prokofiev's Second Cello Concerto. The year was 1952; I had become involved, as a non-participant, in a brawl between soldiers and fractured a very small bone in my right hand. I was unable to play the piano for a fair number of days and so I decided to try conducting. Within ten days, Kondrashin taught me how to beat time, and after three orchestral rehearsals, I managed to get by. But that was 20 years ago, and I have never since conducted a single concert. I had too many concerts as a pianist. [adapted from Uwe Kraemer's note in Philips 420 774-2(Sophia Recital)]

   Jeremy Siepmann wrote an article in 'Richter in Memoriam' disque by DG 457 667-2(2CD), which contains similar works to this DG double. He also made a mistake to say "His(Richter's) early ambitions were as a composer and conductor."

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